2019041 – Yin Yoga Teacher Training Switzerland

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Bivag is a renowned yoga training institute in the Netherlands. For decades, we have organised Yin Yoga teacher trainings and in-depth courses, at beginner level up to master level. And now, we are very proud and looking forward to come to Switzerland.

So how do we organise our teachings?

Our goal is to combine Yin Yoga with eastern and western medicine, anatomy and pathology, chakra theory and quantum physics. Based on ancient knowledge as well as the latest scientific findings. We want to make sure that theory and practice are well balanced out. So that what you learn during this training, can immediately be incorporated in your own classes.

Technique and knowledge are important, but experiencing it for yourself as well. We therefore encourage you to have a self-reflective attitude during the training. This will enable you to be more present as a yoga teacher and, more importantly, as you in every day life. This means looking both at your shadow side and your light side. Just as is. In the state of mind and soul you are at that moment, with comfort or discomfort, with joy or resentment. Because both sides are equally important. We feel that self-awareness will allow you to connect better with your students while giving yoga classes or, more specific, when offering assisted yin.

We are excited to meet you in Switzerland.


Emrik Suichies

For the past 32 years, Emrik has worked as a physical therapeut, coach, biophysical therapist, orthomolecular therapISt, international trainer biophysical medicine and Yin Yoga teacher. His passion is sharing knowledge about the self healing power of our physical, emotional en energetical body. Emrik helps you create the right heart flow and intentions, with compassion and humour.

Donatienne vander Elst

Donatiennes first introduction to yoga was with Jessica Magnin in Zwitserland, in 2002. In 2004, having returned to Belgium, Donatienne started the Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training in Utrecht. Since then, she has continued and expanded her yoga path with  Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga was the turning point. Like Bernie Clark says: We don’t use our body to get into a pose – we use the pose to get into our body. Connect with yourself, your body, your pose. Listen carefully to what your body tells you. Breathing has always been a key element in her work and classes. Breathing is a beautiful way to connect and feel, with your mind, body and soul.

Donatienne was asked by Emrik to join Bivag as a Yin Yoga instructor in 2016 . Her training methodes are characterized by her warm personality and genuine interest in her trainees.

Date & Time

12-4-2019: 14.30-21.30 (dinner included)

13-4-2019: 11.30-18.30

14-4-2019: 12.30-19.30


This Yin Yoga Teacher training costs €860, which equals CHF970

Extra information

The training will be held in English.


2019041 - Yin Yoga Teacher Training Switzerland 860,00
12-04-2019, 14:30
14-04-2019, 17:00
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Zwitserland, O2 Yoga
route de l’Etraz 12C
1263, Vich / Gland
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+31 (0)515 – 558888
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Emrik Suichies, Donatienne vander Elst
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